Andreas 'Yup' Schneider's C=64 Demos

Downloadable Files in d64 - Format Size ReleaseDate Description
Emotional Breakdown / Offence 230 KB 1992 Emotional Breakdown Note
Do you remember and SlowPoke / Offence 115 KB 1992 Do you remember Note
Origin of Nuts / Traitors 111 KB 1991 Origin of Nuts Note
Wiz' Up' n' Urp / SHAPE 118 KB 1991 Wiz'Up'n'Urp Note
D.O.T.Y. / SHAPE and more 137 KB 1989-1991 D.O.T.Y. and more Note
Carpe Noctam / WOT 28 KB 1990 Carpe Noctam Note
If you want to contact me,Yup, write an e-mail to: Yup [at_to_replace]

'Emotional Breakdown'

This was the last demo I released on the C=64.
Have a special look at the part with the moving woman. The scroller is in the Sideborder over Splits. I think it's the best part I've ever coded!

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'Do you remember' and 'Slowpoke #5'

'Do you remember' is the announcement for 'Emotional Breakdown' (and was in some mags in the demo-charts, also it's no demo). How do you like the great tune from Moz(ic)Art ??

Slowpoke was the discmag from Offence. Slowpoke was on #1 in the 'Best coded Mag' charts.

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'Origin of Nuts'

'Origin of Nuts' was released under the NUTS/Traitors - label, while I was in Offence. Why ? Read now.
One day we (Yup&Burp) were sitting around with some friends, which were in the group NATO.We made a lot of jokes and we became the name 'Fat Rat' and decided to make a small demo. So the NATO undergroup NUTS was born.
By the way: NUTS means No Usual Taddy Suiciders. And you can read a nice story about this name in the Intro-scroller.
While we was making the demo some NATO members kicked us out of NATO, because they hadn't seen something from us, and thought we were too lazy. So Traitors was founded, existing only of NUTS and one more member. In the demo are NATO Logos, because the demo was nearly ready, when we got kicked. Don't know what the guys, who kicked us, thought when they saw the demo.

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'Wiz' Up' n' Urp'

'Wiz' Up' n' Urp' was released under the Shape-label. But in the demo are only WOT-Logos, because we didn't wanted to throw the grafic away. The releasedate was the birthday from Red Wiz (the graphician).
In the Links you can find a link to the SHAPE-Homepage.

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'D.O.T.Y', 'RS Studios', 'Happy Birthday' and 'Nu Membs'

'D.O.T.Y.' was released under the Shape-label, and was our contribution to the 'Demo of this year' organized by ATG. Like 'Wiz' Up' n' Urp' 'D.O.T.Y.' features WOT-Logos, as it was finished nearly at the same time.

'RS Studios' is a demo from my friend Redstar from LOGIC. He asked me to code the FLI-Parts for him, and so here it is. If you know the actual address from Redstar, please let me know. In the last years of inactivity I lost it.

'Happy Birthday' is a small birthday-gift for Murphy, a friend from Harmony Productions.

'Nu Membs' was released under the Sharks-label, and was my first release (1989). It consits out of Intros and 2 demoparts, and it made the 3rd place in the demo-competition at the Baboons-Party. This is my most loved production. The first has always the most rememberances.

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'Carpe Noctam'

'Carpe Noctam' released under the Warriors of Time - Label was my first demo (not including the Intro-Collection 'Nu Membs' ). It features the first FLI-Scroller ever made.

On the Amiga we released 'Carpe Noctem'. A THX-musicdisc with C=64 grafic and THX musics, including the C=64 'Carpe Noctam'-Sound.

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